The Iron Arms Challenge!

You're going to need a medicine ball for this one.
4-10 x 1-Arm Lock-offs (each arm)
4-10 x Crossovers (5 each side)
4-10 x Close Grip Push Ups
4-10 x Drop and Returns (minimal ground contact time)

To successfully complete the Iron Arms Challenge, you must finish the entire sequence, 10 reps of each exercise (all four exercises), without ever dropping to a knee.

Most elite athletes can't get through this protocol using five reps each exercise, much less 10, without putting a knee down for at least the first one or two weeks.

For a killer triceps workout, Perform 1-3 sets with 3-5 minutes rest between sets.

Note: Yes, this protocol will also hit your chest and shoulders because it involves push-ups, but it's always the the most soreness the next day. So, this workout makes a great finisher for an upper-body pushing workout.

Source: t-nation

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