How to protect your skin from the summer sun?

If in the summer months you must spend some time in the sun, be sure to wear head protection. This advise the doctors as the best way to protect yourself from the sun and high UV index.

In the summer months often occur sunburn, allergies, food poisoning, dehydration, insect bites and animals, injuries, infections, colds. However, the experts paid special attention to the protection of the high UV because the consequences of excessive sun exposure may be hazardous to health. Children older than 65 years feel the symptoms the most.


Unprotected exposure to radiant heat is leading to increased temperature in the head. Body is acting in a way that it cools the brain by directing large amount of cold blood to the head, leading to a proliferation of blood vessels in the brain and brain edema.

As a consequence there is headache, dizziness, vomiting, and then increased body temperature and redness of the face. The skin is red, hot and dry. The person is upset, it has quickened breathing and loss of consciousness. In severe cases can occur and tinnitus, vision problems, dizziness and loss of consciousness. The symptoms occur within the first 24 hours after a long stay in the sun.

The person who has the symptoms should immediately be placed in the shade, cooled by pouring water and put cold compresses on the head. In case of fever you can stop it with cooling and will stop when the temperature returns to normal or below 38 degrees Celsius.

In case of fainting, immediately start cooling the body and head and call an ambulance. In any case, a quick consultation with a doctor is advised.

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