One Banana Away From Healthy Day

We all know that the Minions like to eat banana, it is their favorite food. It makes them very happy and now we'll see why is that.

Banana is a tropical fruit that is very healthy and we should consume it on daily basis. It has lot of benefits that are good for our health.


Banana is good for people suffering from depression. The reason why people who are suffering from depression are feeling better after eating a banana is the ingredient tryptophan. This is a type of protein that our body converts it in serotonin a.k.a hormone of happiness which relax us and make us happy.

Banana is also good for PMS. It contains vitamin B6 which regulates the level of glucose which is directly influencing your mood. So girls when "PMSing" eat a banana, it will make you feel better.

Other thing banana is good for is for regulating the blood pressure. It is rich in potassium and contains small amount of salt which is great for fighting high blood pressure.

Another good benefit from banana is decreasing the effects of hangover. When you wake up from an interesting party night where you had drank more than you should, eat a banana and milkshake. Banana calms the stomach and the milk calms and hydrates the organism.

Morning sickness for the pregnant ladies. Eat a banana for breakfast. It helps in keeping the ideal level of sugar in the blood which directly decreases the chances of morning sickness.

Bananas are also good for the nerves. They are rich in vitamin B which helps calm the immune system. The organism needs to secure the level of sugar in the blood and the bananas may help because they are a great source of carbohydrates.

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