How To Make A Woman Feel Wanted

I've always admired the mystery of relationships and research on complex issues such as eroticism and how passion and love intertwine to develop between the two.

But there are times when you have to embrace simplicity and ease that bring pleasure, especially to make him/her feel happy and fulfilled.

All it takes is a little care and imagination.

Give real compliments

Maybe in this moment fully accept me being eager for attention, love, desire and romance ...

But, compliments make me feel wanted. I want to sink in his attention, because that way I know he want me and exactly this feeling makes me want him more.

That doesn't mean you have to give empty compliments. There is a way how to say the right compliment. It's not an empty frase.

You focus on something and you try to find a way how to show a person that you appreciate her.

The best way to do that is to give compliments only when you mean them. Giving compliments often lose their meaning.

And most importantly, it should not make her/him feel small in the process. I mean on the compliments we give and try to lower the value of the person, the ones we say because feel insecure.

Sometimes our partner will notice that and will try to compensate with words that are meant to make us feel good. It may look like compliment, but deep's not.

Stand behind her and hug her

Pass from verbal to physical. It's another way to show someone that he/she means a lot to you.

You know the feeling as if someone gives you extra security?

For many, this position is comforting and makes your partner feel good.

Spice the situation a little. Go to the neck.

That way the security gets closer to its opposite side, the wildness.

You add a little heat in the situation, and it is in this safe little "awkward" position that you bring erotica.


Create an atmosphere of intimacy

We want our partner and us to feel amazingly, to have intimacy and passion, and this requires a good atmosphere.

How to achieve that?

Be alone during the day. Enjoy the time you pass with yourself.

Relax. Breath deeply.

Then you can focus on you fantasies, on what you fantasy doing with the person you love.


Practical, erotic, funny...

Then go home, get ready and make the atmosphere.

This way you show that you appreciate you partner, that you try to make him/her feel the best.

I remember... Came home, there was light coming only from candles. My partner dressed in his jeans. He came closer, pulled me by my coat, took me by my neck, kissed me passionately and said: "I want you".


It's enough.

Accept the simplicity of how deliberate behavior can greatly change the relationship with your partner. Let new experiences in your life.

Seen by girl's perspective.

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