What Men Do Best In Bed? (Erotic Stories Shared By Women)

Have you ever wonder what do women like to be done to them when having sex?

Here's couple of ideas. Several women shared their experience in bed and what excites them most.

First he pushed me on the door, lifted me up and finally threw me on the bed. While doing all that he was holding his hands so I can't move. It felt great!

We had sex for 45 minutes. Then we ended up in the shower, and we continued where we left off.

I went crazy while we had anal sex and used vibrator on the clitoris.

He loves to bite and that makes me crazy, especially when he goes down between my legs.

He always keeps my legs up...The angle is great when he's on me.

He ties my hands. It gets me really excited.

We were having shower when he lifted me up and pushed me on the wall. That was probably the best sex we've ever had because it was spontaneous and aggressive.

I told him he can do whatever he wants to me. He tied me and covered my eyes. The fact that I didn't know what he was doing to me got me to orgasm.


I'm very insecure in my body. After he got me undressed, he just stood there for several minutes and watched me. Then he said he was the happiest guy in the world. I've never been more excited.

While I was on him, he grabbed me and made me sit on him while he pleasured me orally.

I get very excited when he kisses me on my neck and passes his fingers over my nipples.

After he pleasured me orally he put his fingers in my mouth.

I enjoy when he pulls my hair while we have sex.

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