Reasons Why Couples Are Not “Doing It”

1. Lack of sexual desire

" This problem I see it usually in relationships in which one partner has a stronger sexual urge. The solution to this problem depends on several factors. First I want to know how long this situation lasts and under what circumstances the sexual difference has increased. Often this problem is related to another problem in the relationship when one partner feels anger, feeling betrayed, resists and the like. I help couples to express their wishes and discuss how the situation looks from their perspective. When you fix the real problem in the relationship, the intercourse improves." says Dr. Michael Aaron.

2. Lack of time for sexual activity

The psychiatrist Kathy Beaton says the most common problem among couples she meets is the lack of time for sexual activity, although they love each other, they don't have time for sexual activities. But this argument does not hold water, it is always a matter of deeper problems like poor perception of their body, erectile dysfunction, lack of desire, pain in relationships and the like.

Couples who ignore these issues go to the line of least resistance that does not involve dealing with problems and their resolution, which involves conversation, expressing the desire and patience, says Cathy.

3. Uneven sexual desire

"The discrepancy in desire for sexual act is the most common problem that I meet when I talk with couples. Women's reason is fatigue, stress or some pain during the activity. The solution is to change the lifestyle and have better communication between partners. Sexual desire is a measure of the health of a relationship, " says the therapist Peg Hurley Dawson.

4. Problems of a medical nature

"I work in a hospital and often meet with people who have some medical problems. The problem in these pairs are created due to lack of communication, it becomes larger and finally ends by avoiding sexual activities and talking about it. Reasons for the lack of communication are fear of rejection, shame and fear of failure. For solving the problem it requires the cooperation of the two. When people utter aloud their problem, half of the problem is already solved. After that follows candid discussions, recognizing the needs and wishes, and fears and suspicions, " said Dr. Richard A. Carol.

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