Ever wonder who the girl from Sia’s videos is?

Maddy Ziegler is a 12 year old girl from Pennsylvania, which can no longer be just an ordinary teenager who can just go out and play with her friends, because now she is globally popular dancer.

Today she has over 3 million fans on Instagram, and the world first saw her when she appeared in the video of the Australian singer Sia, for the song "Chandelier".


Previously she appeared in a reality show Dance, even when she was 8 years old, where was observed by Sia.

After the first video, she appears in another two spots of Sia, "Elastic Heart" and "Big Girls Cry".

"Chandelier" is 17th-watched video of all time with more than 712 million hits.


Maddy perform at this year's Grammy awards and was guest in the Jimmy Kimmel and Ellen show.

Today she is so successful that her mother has hired 24-hour bodyguard for her. However she already has a personal problem with the status of popularity because people recognize her and come to her wherever she appears.

Maddy and her sister are home-schooled, and she says she studies hard because she does not want to be "dumb dancer."


She wants to be involved with acting and singing, and has already appeared in some episodes of the series "Drop dead diva" and "Austun & Ally".

Despite all the success, she says that there is always room for improvement.

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